Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Cameron must be following my lesson plans!

I'm In year 7IT we are teaching our students the ethics of using Photoshop.  Firstly by showing them the tools and then asking the bigger question as to what is an ethical use of Photoshop? 

A good example of somebody who is manipulated on a regular basis is David Cameron. Some parts of the media support him and naturally enough choose complimentary photos. Others are not so happy with his performance and are quick to show him red-faced. The lesson was a great success and the students soon turned to making themselves into heroes and villains. Being Halloween, it was doubly fun! 

Now my next lesson is to mix a foreground and background image.  So imagine my surprise this morning when I see this.

Is Mr Cameron reading my lesson plans?
So the only question left is, has Mr Cameron's team crossed an ethical line with this?  Please comment we'd love to hear from you! 

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