Thursday, 22 December 2022

ChatGPT A quick SWOT

With every new technology comes along opportunities and threats. In this case the threats are actually not that different to what more wealthy students have always had and that is a tutor. This could be a great democratisation of helpful AI that help students to learn.  However the types of assessment that are effective going forward need to be thought about. Ironically exams are largely unaffected by this new technology. Coursework and homework need to be thought about carefully and their purpose. (See article on homework)
Perhaps in some ways this makes it a much fairer system, because now everyone has access to expertise whereas before it was only those with academic parents, access to tutors and older siblings who could 'cheat' in this manner.

I also see a great opportunity for students to see what careers are likely to be available in the future, using this to help with teacher planning to create more sample answers, to help with definitions and for a resource starved Computer Science teacher a bot to generate code seems like heaven! 

Here is a SWOT analysis based on what I've read so far!



  • Able to offer answers to questions
  • Able to offer advice at a variety of language levels
  • Can generate original answers
  • Has opinions to be discussed
  • Non-personal. Can be asked any question


  • Answers are NOT always accurate
  • Appears authoritative even when it is not
  • Do NOT know the source of information. 


  • Excellent example of AI & the future of work and careers
  • Very good at coming up with example essays, code etc
  • Can generate code in many languages including Swift & Python
  • Can be used for debates when asked for opinions
  • Can ask students to mark the bot's answers
  • Can be used as a start point for teacher generated answers
    • Can be used to summarize text
    • Good at defining many topics and level of English can be adjusted.
    • Can generate prompts


  • Makes setting essay-based homework more difficult, if the bot can do it (Perhaps it must be handwritten to discourage such strategies)
  • Can solve Maths & Coding problems almost instantly even when provided in a context
  • Currently systems such as Turnitin can't detect bot generated work 

Levels of English

It can be encouraged to use simple English by asking for simple English, but it works best with the either elementary school or primary school: "Can you explain a car to me as if I am in elementary school" worked well. It is not perfect and doesn't always limit its vocabulary, but it is definitely using different sources when encouraged to do so. 

Sources of information

When asked "Please can you generate an essay on the benefits of IP version 6 with AP style referencing" it could do it and included in-line referencing too, but if you ask a question and doubt its answer it could not pinpoint the source of its information.

Q: What are your sources for this information?
A: As an artificial intelligence, I don't have personal experiences or access to external sources. The information I provided is based on my training data, which includes a wide range of general knowledge sources such as textbooks, encyclopedias, and articles from reputable sources such as academic journals and mainstream media outlets. All of the information I provide is intended to be accurate and reliable, but it is always a good idea to verify information from multiple sources before making any decisions or taking any actions based on it.

Generating Questions

It appears to understand a number of different qualifications include iGCSE, A-level, undergraduate and IB Diploma. You can ask it to make multiple choice, short answer or complete essays (Within its word limit). So you can ask:
  • Can you generate iGCSE questions on AI with answers
  • Can you generate iGSCE multiple choice questions on uses of AI in industry?

You can even follow up with: Please could I have some more questions?

Detecting Plagiarism

Ironically AI itself might be able to work out if a piece of work is generated by an AI. There is a tool that is in development and looks promising.

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