Sunday, 15 July 2012

Raspberry Jam Cambridge Presentations

Firstly I would like to thank everybody who has been involved in the Raspberry Jam and #TMEast yesterday it was an amazing success.  The presenter list below reads like a who is who of the Raspberry Pi Team and the foundation have been fantastic in supporting this event, especially Liz Upton who has helped out so much with PR for the event.

I would like to mention a few names that weren’t really at the front during the presentations yesterday, but were instrumental to making this happen, Graham Hastings who will be taking over the ‘local’ Cambridge event in September.  From the university, I’d like to thank Jon Crowcroft who did a wonderful job with the venue and Ian Burton-Palmer who also helped us with our numerous technical enquiries.  From CAS,  Simon Humphreys, Claire Davenport and Mark Dorling who very kindly sponsored the event.  Leon Cychs and Rosie Slosek who did the video and sound.   Mark Ellis from my school who was at the front constantly rewiring the system to keep the event going and kept a very cool head when we lost all sound 10 minutes before the event started.  Keith Dunlop’s RISC OS support team Bryan Hogan and Leo White.  There were four other key people who were constantly buzzing around and helping me with too many tasks to mention: Isabell Long, Neil Turner, Roeland Schumacher and Dima Tupikov, my wife Min Chee Shee, Alan's wife for giving him a day pass, Myra VanInwengan for lending me her Raspberry Pi Alpha and setting up the Lego set and finally the Preston Posse who just appeared and instantly jumped into help.

Secondly, I have tried to put together as many of the resources as possible from yesterday and I am aware that it isn’t a complete list, but I’ll edit the Blog as needs be.

Introductory Video

Presentations in Alphabetical Order

James Abela @eslweb
Using Scratch to teach Economics
10 Raspberry Pi Lesson ideas

Mark Allen @edintheclouds
Google Docs, Apps & Sites

Jo Badge @jobadge
Secret Google Searches

Sheli Blackburn Digital @shelibb
Digital Leader Network

Martin Burrett @ictmagic
Using sixth formers' mobile devices as an AfL tool

Keith Dunlop

Jamie Freeman @imvoto
Using sixth formers' mobile devices as an AfL tool

Liam Fraser @FraserLiam

Dr. Oliver Frey MD @DrOliverFreyMD
Teaching Health Skills

William Gardiner
USB real-time PC I/O controller

Maggie Hos-McGrane
Introduction to International Baccalaureate programmes

Andy Knill @aknill

Dr Andrew Robinson
PiFace IO Interface Board



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