Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Getting ready for Cambridge Raspberry Jam

It is a busy week with plenty to be done for the Raspberry Jam in Cambridge. The T-Shirts are ready, the Twitter Campaign is going well and I think we'll have plenty of people coming.

We've also got a fantastic line-up of speakers including Andrew Robinson of PiFace fame, Liam Fraser of the RasPi Tutorials and Keith Dunlop who is working on RISC OS.

Then there is the panel who John Naughton is chairing with Eben and Liz from the foundation and Alan from Raspberry Jam Preston.

We then host #TMEast with another line up of fantastic speakers. We've got a team from Google, Ann who is an amazing English teacher, two cracking geographers and a really innovative Maths teacher.

So I hope to see as many of my readers as possible and I will continue to share my ideas for teaching and using the Raspberry Pi.

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