Monday, 11 June 2012

Bringing back the golden age of space exploration: Elite!

Today we had the exciting news from @Jojoreloaded (Not a Twitter handle I'm afraid) that he's ported Frontier, which is the sequel to Elite and I can't wait to play that, but then I thought how difficult would it be to get the original game running again?  It turns out, not very difficult at all.   All you need is a Linux based BBC Emulator.  I selected B-EM  for the Pi, but also BEEBEm should work too. I believe the software is now abandonia and without putting too fine a point on it, here's the link to Ian Bell's page with the download.  (Some of the links on the page are broken, but the disc image is fine)

So now we're ready to play the finest Space simulation ever made! Of course we can't wait to get RISC OS back online to play the Archimedes version.

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