Saturday, 23 June 2012

At the Opposite Extreme we have Chromium OS

I was super excited to hear about RISC OS making a comeback and then today I heard that they are planning Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi. Talk about opposites when it comes to OS. (Initial commit here.)  You see, Chromium is designed to make the most of the browser. It's designed for an always connected world where most of the stuff you want to do is on the Internet.

It is a great OS for the Pi, because it has the possibility of use in a truly embedded environment. It turns any semi-decent TV into a properly Internet enabled TV.   For possible consumer products it's great and if done well it will make high quality, fast, Web browsing a real feature of the Pi.

Of course that completely flies in the face of having a computer you can really play with under the hood. But the real difference with the Pi is that for the first time in a long time, it doesn't matter all you need for yet another OS is another SD Card.

That makes my OS Deathmatch lesson a whole lot more exciting...

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