Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What's a Raspberry Jam Like?

Dan went to Manchester's Raspberry Jam yesterday and he clearly had a good time, "Yesterday I had the privilege of attending Manchester's first Raspberry Pi event, called (what else?) theRaspberry Jam, hosted by Madlab. It turned out to be a great day, and I'm glad everyone braved the rain to make it."  You can read more on his Blog.

So that's Manchester done, but what can you expect to see in the Cambridge Event and in short, EVERYTHING! 

But here's a few of the confirmed highlights:
  • The Raspberry Pi team will be around to show the very latest apps and developments
  • Gertboard Rev3 demo, which can be used to:  flash LEDs on and off, drive motors, run sensors and all that other fun stuff.Various Operating Systems and flavours of Linux
  • Beginner Guides
  • How it can be used in Education
  • Games Old and New
  • Cool Programming Gadgets
The event has been split into 3 parts. In the first half there's a hands-on session and because even in Cambridge we can only manage so many Raspberry Pis and kit, we've had to strictly limit tickets.

However even if you can't get a ticket, you should fit in the main theatre for the Q&A session.

After the Raspberryjam we're then hosting an event aimed at teachers, because we want to make sure technology gets into their hands. There will be presentations on using the Pi, but also on a wide range of other subjects.  Everybody is welcome to stay, but those not in education are welcome to head home or to the pub!  If you are a teacher, this is the ONLY event I know that you'll literally be able to walk away with an entire ICT & Computing Curriculum for your school and there's also plenty for other subjects too.

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