Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Getting Ready for The New Academic year!

Sometimes towards the end of the summer term you will find a little time to start prepping for the new academic year!  Well there's two technologies that I think are well worth looking over. Both are free, completely different from one another, but could do the same job!

You've got an iPad

iTunesU is incredibly well integrated into the iPad and in a 1:1 environment it is almost a complete replacement for text books if you have the notes and materials. One of the major improvements I have noticed is that you can now use almost any modern browser to add materials from PC or Mac and you can also use an iPad to add materials.  Google Classroom also has an iPad app, so you can choose to use either on an iPad.  See More here>>

Google Classroom

This has been in very rapid development over the past year and has quickly flourished into a product, that is really going to save you time next academic year. If your school already has a well setup Google Apps domain, then you will quickly be able to use to mark up work across a range of devices. It's much more cross-platform and is really a great way to collect in work from Google Docs. See More Here>>

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