Friday, 19 June 2015

Learning Coding and ICT skills over the summer holiday


Gives students a lot of freedom to make games, presentations and animations.  Here is the main site and some tutorials

Main Website:
Video Lessons:
Make a platformer videos:


Designed to teach some computational thinking through making 3D games. Requires a Windows PC download.

Great web-based set of fun tutorials to teach computational Thinking. Does not require any installation on a PC and works over most Internet connections.



A more serious option, but one that teaches great skills such as coding Web-pages, Javascript and languages used by most computer scientists


General ICT

Lots of courses for ICT on a wide range of applications. I'd recommend using PowerPoint and Excel (or equivalents) as the main applications to have a look at. on

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  1. Nice...Learning coding, Summer computer classes is a great idea for childrens to teach........
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