Friday, 5 June 2015

Why not do CPD with the children?

How do we know what children will think of our pedagogical innovations, new tech and ideas if they are not there to tell us?   So in that spirit, we're doing our CPD with the children in what can only be called a circus!  

We've collected together all the tech we can, so that the children and teachers can play together in a circus style event!

We've got Sphero

We've got MineCraft EDU with a live server running

We have the new version of Kano. Although it's on the original Raspberry Pi.

We have Lego WeDo

We have Kodu

We have a mystery spot the Semi-conductor parts game! 

We have celebrity teachers from all over Bangkok!

And we have something so hot, you can't even get it on the streets of Bangkok! 

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