Saturday, 21 October 2017

Making GForms Quizzes less sensitive

Over the summer Google enabled short answers on their quiz functions. This is wonderful news. However as with all standardised forms, spelling matters and capitalisation matters!  However there are some ways to make things a little easier for students or at least give them a sense of fairplay.

In this example we want a name, so we insist that it contains at least one capital letter [A-Z] 

We could also insist that the characters are all lower case using matches and [a-z ]+
Note the space is really important if you want to have more than 1 word. 

Perhaps you are concerned about people using dogs rather than dog. In many cases both might be correct. Well you can sort that quickly using a maximum length.

You can also use numbers and this can be a great way to not only test maths questions, but also to give a large range of options with a multiple choice diagram,

For example you can easily ask test questions about this heart with a few simple short answer questions rather than do a dropdown from 1-8 or multiple choice.

If you'd like to do more complex regex expresions there's a great site to help you: Please note that there are dialects, so not all regex you find on the internet will work with Google forms.