Friday, 26 March 2021

Meditation is BORING! But a meditative video game might just do the trick.

For some adults and children, the idea of meditating is boring! And they're exactly the kind of people that would benefit from some kind of relaxation the most! Many video games are all about excitement and getting the blood pumping, but there are an increasing number of games that are about relaxing and having a wonderful time exploring.  Minecraft in creative mode is an excellent example of this and another game that people have found incredibly relaxing and intriguing at the same time is ABZÛ.  

This game is all about going underwater, but unlike the terror inducing underwater sections of Sonic this game removes the survival aspect and lets you freely explore underwater realms.  It takes you through incredible underwater seascapes and to see beautiful fish and underwater structures.

I bring this game to your attention, because right now it is completely free for Playstation with Play at Home

This game is also available to buy on Xbox, Windows and Nintendo Switch. See publisher Website.