Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Latest Zoom Leaks: What it means and how can you be more secure?

500,000 accounts leaked makes for good headlines on sale on the dark web makes for good headlines, so why exactly are they being sold for less than a penny each? 

Firstly as a school, most teachers and students should sign in using their Google ID, so that Zoom does not get your passwords.  These were NOT part of any leak.

Secondly, this does not appear to be as exciting as it first appears, because a lot of the data appears to be meeting IDs or sign-ins rather than the actual sign-ins with usernames AND passwords.  In many cases these USER IDS have been matched to passwords stolen from Google, Microsoft, Facebook et al in previous attacks.

Right now, Zoom is a hot target, because it provides the service everyone wants.  Two pieces of advice to ensure you stay more secure:

1. If you sign up for any online service that's free, be sure to use passwords that you don't use for banks, payments etc. 

2. If you have a choice, use your Google or even Facebook ID, because that's one more layer a hacker has to get through.

Remember that it costs a lot of money to keep a service secure and Zoom has definitely been experiencing growing pains.

Stay safe everyone!

About James Abela

Before becoming a teacher, James Abela used to work as a web-developer and was responsible for the security of several million pounds worth of intellectual property. Also fought against Russian hackers.

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